Hashtags for Days of the Week to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Hashtags for Days of the Week to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Do you use hashtags for your social media posts? Do you randomly add hashtags without giving them some thought? Marketers know that the right hashtags can bring in your target audience. However, you need to learn how to choose and use the right hashtags. Ideally, you need to use days of the week hashtags. They’re perfect for Instagram and Twitter. These hashtags will attract your target audience to your posts and tweets. These hashtags are often top in trending tags.

Can you use them on Pinterest? You can, but they don’t really work for pins. Pins usually last for months. You can use them on Facebooks, but too many hashtags can actually reduce your reach. If you’re going to use them on Facebook, stick with one or two hashtags.

How to Choose and Use Your Hashtags

Before you use a hashtag, make sure to research it first. Look it up on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure the things posted with it are appropriate to your brand. You do not want anything inappropriate posted on them. You want your posts to live in the “right neighborhood.”

Depending on where you live, you may want to schedule your posts early in the day or in the evening before. Don’t post so early or so late. A #TGIF post on a Friday night is a little too late for people in Pacific time.

You do not have to produce your own content. You can also search the hashtag and share posts that are relevant to your business. Do not hesitate to like, retweet, share, or re-gram. If you choose to regram, make sure to ask for permission or give credit to the original poster. Make sure to keep at least 30 hashtags that you can copy and paste quickly when you post on Instagram. Use at least 3 on Twitter.

monday hashtags

Monday Hashtags

#MotivationMonday or #MondayMotivation Start the week and inspire your followers with something motivational

#MCM or #ManCrushMonday Feature an employee, a client, or an influencer. If you are making a personal post, you can feature your spouse or significant other. Keep it professional.

#MondayFunday Share something fun that relates to your business.

#MusicMonday Music is universal. People can always relate to music. This gives your business a human feel to it. You could feature an artist, a song, or a concert that people can attend over the weekend.

#MondayMemories Share old memories about your business.

#MountainMonday Climb any mountains? Share away!

#MindfulMonday Fantastic hashtag for people running a yoga studio or meditation retreat. Are you a life coach? Utilize this hashtag.

#MeowMonday For some reason, the Internet is fascinated with cats! Here’s your chance to show your customers or clients that there’s a real person behind your business. Post an adorable photo of your cat.

#MarketingMonday Share business tips that work for you

#ManicMonday Share the week ahead of you and ask your followers about theirs.

#ManicureMonday Show off your freshly manicured hands!

#MondayBlues Feeling sad? Share positive thoughts instead

tuesday hashtags

Tuesday Hashtags

#TransformationTuesday or #tt This hashtag confuses people, but why not try posting how your product or business has helped people. Post a testimonial!

#TipTuesday Works for all kinds of business. Share a tip for your followers.

#TravelTuesday Great for travel companies or guides.

#GoodNewsTues Share positivity, feel-good stories or videos

#TrendyTuesday Perfect for fashion niches. Also great for showing your followers that you’re keeping up with the trends

#TopicTuesday Any topic that you’re interested in? Share your thoughts to your followers

#TuesdayShoesday Great for fashion personalities, shoe stores, and online shops.

#TuesdayTreat People love #foodporn. Give your followers a little food treat.

#TuneTuesday or #TuesdayTunesDay See #MusicMonday for idea

#TongueOutTuesday or #TOT Puppies with their tongues out, or why not post a silly picture!

#TakeMeBackTuesday or #TimehopTuesday Share a vintage photo of yourself or business.

wednesday hashtags

Wednesday Hashtag

#WellnessWednesday or #HealthyHumpDay or #WednesdayWorkout Share a health-related tip. Share your favorite exercise or healthy recipe.

#WisdomWednesday (or WednesdayWisdom) Share a life tip or business tip.

#WayBackWednesday Share something from your past – an old business picture or an old product.

#WoofWednesday It’s your puppy’s day! Take a cute picture and share away!

#WineWednesday Feature a wine that you think your followers should try!

thursday hashtags

Thursday Hashtags

#ThankfulThursday Post a gratitude quote to inspire your followers to do the same. Thank customers, clients, and employees.

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday Everybody knows this hashtag. Relieve the past with an old photo of your business, products or services.

#Thursdate Post a photo of your loved one on a date – or a photo of a business meeting or event.

#ThursdayThoughts Share your thoughts on a popular or trending topic.

#ThinkPositiveThursday Share a positive quote to followers.

#ThirstyThursday Perfect for people or businesses in the food or health niche? Post a scrumptious or healthy beverage!

#ThursdayVibes Ask your followers how they’re feeling?

friday hashtags

Friday Hashtags

#FF or #FollowFriday or #FeatureFriday Follow someone on social media and put them in the spotlight. Hopefully, they will return the favor!

#FBF or #FlashbackFriday Another opportunity to dig into your archives and post an old photo of your business, products, services, or anything else you’d like to share.

#FridayFunday People enjoy memes or fun posts as the weekend draws near.

#FreebieFriday Tip off your followers to a freebie they’d enjoy

#FunnyFriday Share customers a joke or a funny story that your business, customers, or employees will enjoy

#FearlessFriday Share an inspiring quote or a story that will inspire people to overcome their fears.

#FridayReads Reading an interesting book or read anything that your customers or clients will love? Share away!

#FoodieFriday Perfect for food bloggers, restaurants, health and fitness businesses.

#FridayNight Ask followers about their plans and share your own.

#FeelGoodFriday Post feel-good quotes that people can relate to

#Friyay #FridayVibes #FridayFeeling #TGIF Celebrate the weekend with this post.

saturday hashtags
Saturday Hashtags

#Caturday Failed to post for #MeowMonday? Here’s your second chance!

#SaturdaySwag Tag your products or announce a contest or giveaway

#SocialSaturday Start a conversation with your followers. Ask a question.

#ShoutoutSaturday Give a shout out to a customer or an employee

#SalesSaturday #SaturdaySpecial #SaturdaySale Take advantage of the weekend by giving a sales discount

#SaturdayStyle Wearing anything fantastic? Give your followers a show!

#SaturdaySweat Finishing chores or a weekend exercise? Tell your followers about it.

#SaturdaySweets Great for foodies, pastry chefs, food bloggers, candy stories, bakeries, restaurants and nutrition experts.

#SaturdayNight Post a photo of your fun evening. Make sure to keep it professional.

sunday hashtags

Sunday Hashtags

#SS or #SelfieSunday Post a selfie. Make sure it’s appropriate.

#SundayFunday Doing anything this Sunday? Try to share it to your followers.

#SundayRead Share your recent blog post or anything interesting you’ve read online.

#SpotlightSunday Spotlight a customer or a product.

#SelfcareSunday Great for health and beauty niches – share self-pampering tips this Sunday.

#SundaySweets #SundaySweat #SundaySpecial #SundaySale See ideas above.

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